School board members around Oregon get warning: Obey the law

VALE – The Oregon School Boards Association on Friday warned school board members across the state that any effort to defy state Covid mandates is “unacceptable.”

The stern letter to 1,400 school board members and superintendents follows actions in recent weeks by school board considering or acting against mask and vaccination mandates. The Adrian School Board drew national attention for firing its superintendent recently over the mandates.

“At a time when Oregon’s school boards have never been more tested, we are also lamentably seeing a remarkable number of board members doing their very best to ignore the law or openly defy it. Such behavior is simply unacceptable,” said the letter from Jim Green, the organization’s executive director; Maureen Wolf, association president who serves on a Portland regional education district; and Sami Al-Abdrabbuh, president of the Oregon School Board Members of . . .