OBITUARY: Mary Trump

Mary Trump

Dec. 30, 1942 –Aug. 29, 2021

How can one sum up the life of a woman who was such a wise matriarch and a never-ending source of encouragement in just a few paragraphs? There are not enough words or pages to do her justice, but we will start from the beginning and tell you a few things about the most amazing woman we have ever known, our mother Mary Pearl Armon Trump.

 Mary’s life began on a “dark and stormy night.” Her parents, Francis Armon and Myrtle Weaver Armon (who was in labor) hastily loaded up into their rusty old car and began the long drive from Wallowa, Oregon, to La Grande. It was Dec. 30, 1942, and there was a blizzard-like storm, but this did . . .