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Free potatoes this weekend: New farmers in town offer bounty in exchange for volunteers

ONTARIO – Mark Clark’s mother was the sole owner of a grain farm in Nampa, Idaho. He grew up working with his brother in the fields that she leased to a local farmer, but eventually abandoned physical labor for a career as an attorney. 

Now at 73, he’s back to the fields and according to his wife Sharon Katz, as happy as she’s ever seen him. 

“Mark wants to demonstrate that you can make money on a small family farm,” said Katz, 70. “We’re super enthusiastic about doing our part to repair the earth.”

They bought the 170-acre farm located at 4824 Pioneer Road, on the banks of the Snake River, in 2020.

Clark and Katz are embarking on a three-year process to certify their farm as organic. They moved onto the land earlier this year and are hoping to convert 140 of the 170 . . .