YOUR VOICES: Readers share their views about the pandemic

Here are selected comments about the current pandemic situation. These were provided in response to an invitation to the community by the Enterprise.

Imagine where we'd be, if like Polio, or MMR (measles, mumps and eubella) vaccinations, people took the advice from doctors about the disease, instead of someone on social media, or one trying to make a buck from Youtube video royalties. This new age of disinformation is pitting society against each other. Those crying about lost freedoms are those hospitalized (97% unvaccinated). Similarly, we saw this phenomenon, when seatbelts and helmets were required; those severely injured from not wearing a seatbelt, or non-helmeted motorcyclists, that required state-financial help when they couldn't pay for accumulated medical bills, all due to their proposed loss of "freedom!" - Karl J. Findling