A look at how this year’s Malheur County Fair went – after a year off

Three 4-H members show their cows at the Malheur County Fair on Friday, July 30, 2021. (ANGELINA KATSANIS/The Enterprise)

ONTARIO - A simple black-and-white sign with a green frame advertises a Malheur County Fair exclusive: scones, the way Linda Erlebach’s mom used to make.

The booth, located at the far corner of the fair among the vendors, has a distinctly doughy smell.

Erlebach’s mother started the stand as a fundraiser for the St. Paul Lutheran Church in Ontario, and now her grandkids are helping run the popular food spot. Erlebach recalled kneading dough with her son strapped to her back 27 years ago.

On Friday afternoon, they were still waiting for the evening rush to come.

“It's been slow, and hot, and that makes the dough rise . . .