West Nile virus detected in mosquitoes in Vale

A standing water source is checked for signs of mosquito breeding in a 2020 survey by Malheur County vector control workers. (The Enterprise/file photo)

VALE – State health officials issued a warning to Malheur County residents Friday to guard against mosquitoes, after a testing site in Vale turned up insects infected with West Nile virus.

The mosquitoes are the first in Oregon this season to be found to carry West Nile, according to a news release from Jonathan Modie, spokesman for the Oregon Health Authority.

West Nile is spread through mosquito bites, so residents are urged to wear long sleeved clothing and use repellents if they spend significant time outdoors, near water sources where the insects may breed.

It is of particular concern for farmworkers and others working in agriculture because of the potential for exposure to . . .