AROUND OREGON: A hidden death calls into question Eugene police conduct

EUGENE - On a Friday night in March 2020, Landon Payne returned to his Eugene home high on meth, panicked and paranoid. He’d been clean for three years, but now, after using methamphetamine again, he believed people wanted to kill him. 

His wife wanted to help. Angie Payne knew Landon had a history of mental health issues, especially when he was on meth. So that night, with Landon high and frightened, she turned to the Eugene Police Department. It made sense — she’d done the same thing three years earlier. Back then, the police took Landon to a hospital on a mental health hold for his safety. Why wouldn’t they help him again?

This time, the Eugene police chose not to help.

Instead, EPD officers set into motion a chain of events that led to Landon Payne . . .