New petition aims to allow cannabis production in Malheur County

The petition would allow for wholesale cannabis production in rural areas. (AUSTIN JOHNSON/The Enterprise)

Three years ago, Ontario became the first city in Malheur County to overturn the ban of cannabis sales. The city has reaped the benefits since, with almost $2.6 million in revenues expected for the last fiscal year. 

“The sky didn't fall and the money is rolling in,” said Russ Belville, a longtime marijuana advocate more informally known as “Radical Russ.”

Belville and Lori Duckworth now have their sights set on bringing marijuana to the rest of Malheur County. 

The duo filed a prospective petition on June 8 titled “Legalize Malheur” that would repeal the ban on commercial production, processing, distribution, and sale of marijuana to adults 21 years of age or older. 

The . . .