OBITUARY: Florence May Stanford Shenk

Florence May Stanford Shenk

Dec. 5, 1933 ~ July 17, 2021

Florence May Stanford Shenk, 87, of Ridgeview, Adrian, Oregon, died peacefully at home, surrounded by her loved ones, on July 17, 2021.

Mom was born Dec. 5, 1933, to L. Ralph and Nina Deitrick Stanford of Jackson Creek, Owyhee County, Idaho. She joined sisters Christy and Betty, and brothers Lee, Stub, and Gene. Her brother Gub was born later.

Mom had a wonderful childhood. Cousins Jerry, Jeff, Joanne, and especially Nellie (children of Omar and Lily Deitrick Stanford) were close by. She had horses to ride and territory to explore. There was always company of one kind or another.

Mom attended elementary school in the one room schoolhouse located in their pasture on Jackson Creek. She and Nellie completed their freshman and sophomore . . .