HEAT WAVE: Nyssa vet advises keeping those pet paws off the pavement

Kids camping at Lake Owyhee State Park on Saturday, June 26, bring their chihuahua out for a walk once the sun starts setting and the ground has cooled off. (ANGELINA KATSANIS/The Enterprise)

As Malheur County heads into the dog days of summer, don’t forget about pet safety during the current heat wave.

Your furry friends require the same attention in the heat as humans do, so it’s important to keep them in cool places, make sure they’re hydrated, and watch for signs of heat stroke.

And of course, never leave them in a car.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, a car parked in 90-degree temperatures can register an inside temperature of 110 degrees within 10 minutes. Within 20 minutes, that can go to 120.

Such temperatures . . .