HEAT WAVE FORECAST: Saturday afternoon update from forecasters

A child jumps off the high dive at Vale City Pool shortly after it opened for the summer in 2020. (The Enterprise file)

The National Weather Service isn’t mincing words about the forecast for the week ahead.

“It is going to be dangerously hot,” according to the latest forecast, issued Saturday afternoon.

No place in the West is escaping the so-called “heat dome” parked over the region, and health experts and government authorities continue to urge people to dial back daytime activities, stay hydrated, and simply stay indoors in the afternoons.

The weather service is reporting that “models continue to show an increasing chance of monsoon moisture reaching our area by the latter half of the week, but timing is

still uncertain, and there is still no sign of cooler temperatures.”

That could lead to lightning storms and the chance for new wildfires.

Meantime, Malheur County will endure triple-digit temperatures through the coming week that could break records. In Vale, home to the 4th of July Rodeo, could see late-afternoon temperatures of 107 or more during rodeo days. The rodeo starts at 7:45 p.m. each evening Thursday through Sunday.

For Sunday, one of the hottest places in the county could be Jordan Valley, expected to hit 111 on Sunday.

Here are the forecast highs and lows for the next few days, along with the record for each date from the Weather Service. The forecast is for Ontario.

Sunday: high 101, low 73. Record: 105 in 1973.

Monday: high 103, low 74. Record: 109 in 2015.

Tuesday: high 108, low 74. Record: 106 in 2015.

Wednesday: high 110, low 75. Record: 106 in 2013.

Thursday: high 108, low 74. Record: 110 in 2015.

Friday: high 108, low 74. Record: 107 in 2015.

(Graphic by ANGELINA KATSANIS/The Enterprise)

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