Vaccination rate continues to lag even as the Covid infection endures

More people need to be vaccinated in Malheur County to stop the Covid virus, say health officials. (Liliana Frankel/The Enterprise)

ONTARIO – People in Malheur County are still getting sick from Covid.

More than a year after it first appeared, the infection remains firmly entrenched in the county where a sluggish vaccination rate continues to trouble local health officials. Malheur County has “the highest rate of cases and is the least protected,” said Sarah Poe, Malheur County Health Department director.

Poe said last week that Covid cases still hover at a consistent rate locally, though nowhere near the level from six months ago.

The test positivity rate for the county – an important benchmark regarding how far the virus has circulated in the county – rose to as high as 8% recently before it dropped down to . . .