PHOTOS: Local ropers test their team skills at Mejia Memorial

As the honda knot of the header’s rope tightens around the steer’s horn, the heeler prepares to finish the roping at the Richard Mejia Memorial Team Roping. (Angelina Katsanis/The Enterprise)

Rodeo-loving families and friends travelled to Nyssa Nite Rodeo Saturday, June 12 for the annual Richard Mejia Memorial Team Roping. In the event, which was started in 2015 to honor past Nyssa Nite Rodeo President Richard Mejia, approximately 30 people competed in teams of two, one header and one heeler. Though the event was canceled last year due to Covid, ropers of all ages and genders came saddled and eager to compete.

A young boy practices his lasso skills at the Richard Mejia Memorial Team Roping while his dad (back) watches from behind. “He’ll be roping ’til the day he dies,” his mom said. (Angelina Katsanis/The Enterprise)

A successfully-roped steer heads toward the exit of the arena, heeler and header in tow. (Angelina Katsanis/The Enterprise)

A rider re-attaches his reins after they came loose while he was roping. (Angelina Katsanis/The Enterprise)

Kids of competitors play under the bleachers before the event commences. (Angelina Katsanis/The Enterprise)

A heeler prepares to rope the hind legs of a steer after his partner successfully ropes a horn. (Angelina Katsanis/The Enterprise)

A cowboy wraps his rope before entering the arena for his round to compete. (Angelina Katsanis/The Enterprise)

The approximately 30 ropers wait in the arena for their turn to compete. (Angelina Katsanis/The Enterprise)

The cheekpiece of one horse waiting to compete reads, “National Finals 2016.” (Angelina Katsanis/The Enterprise)

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