EDITORIAL: Local teachers and other school workers deserve thanks after a tough year

As we emerge from the pandemic, the community ought to unite in praise of school employees who helped pull us through. School houses are quieting down for the summer. Students, parents and employees all are certainly glad to see the year end.

“Good riddance” is the first thought that comes to mind. But then consider what’s happened in the past 12 months. Overnight, schools had to close their doors. Students stayed home, day in and day out. Parents and other caregivers adjusted – and fast. A year ago, no one knew how serious the coronavirus would be – or if it was. A year ago, uncertainty was the only certainty about life in Malheur County.

Suddenly, teachers had to figure out how to teach from afar. They had to exchange that in-person connection for teaching to tiny faces on small screens. They had . . .