SPECIAL ELECTION: What Ontario voters will see on their recall ballot

ONTARIO – Voters in Ontario will get a ballot soon to vote on whether Ontario City Councilor Freddy Rodriguez should be removed from office.

Statements from the petitioner and Rodriguez will appear. Here is the complete text of each statement.

Cydney Cooke of Ontario Citizens for Freddy Rodriguez's Recall:

On June 4, 2020, Councilman Rodriguez was met with his first restraining order over alleged domestic violence abuse with his former girlfriend. January 25, 2021, Councilman Rodriguez was met with a second restraining order over another alleged domestic violence altercation with another former girlfriend. In addition to these orders of restraint against the councilman, he has been harassing local citizens using his Councilman Freddy Rodriguez” and private social media pages.

In addition to, he is suspected of violating ordinance # 2693 . . .