SPECIAL ELECTION: What Ontario voters will see on their recall ballot

ONTARIO – Voters in Ontario will get a ballot soon to vote on whether Ontario City Councilor Freddy Rodriguez should be removed from office.

Statements from the petitioner and Rodriguez will appear. Here is the complete text of each statement.

Cydney Cooke of Ontario Citizens for Freddy Rodriguez’s Recall:

On June 4, 2020, Councilman Rodriguez was met with his first restraining order over alleged domestic violence abuse with his former girlfriend. January 25, 2021, Councilman Rodriguez was met with a second restraining order over another alleged domestic violence altercation with another former girlfriend. In addition to these orders of restraint against the councilman, he has been harassing local citizens using his Councilman Freddy Rodriguez” and private social media pages.

In addition to, he is suspected of violating ordinance # 2693-2014 or “Council Interference with Administrative Services” regarding his restraining orders, as quoted by him on his “Councilman Freddy Rodriguez” page on January 27, 2021. Lastly, he publicly intimidated, defamed and attempted to humiliate citizens in a live recorded City Council work session on March 4, 2021, at 6 p.m.

Councilor Freddy Rodriguez:

I acknowledge all victims of domestic violence. Everyone has the right to report unwanted treatment to authorities. My actions on council and online after last year’s protection order that stemmed from Pat Caldwell’s harassment of me were not perceived as acceptable of anyone, much less an elected official and I accept any and all judgment on my actions and apologize for them.

I have been placed in a hard situation having to respond to unfair attacks. I was not given a fair voice. My side was silenced by Les Zaitz and recall freddy group. I plead to everyone to read www.HonestyForOntario.com to be informed of all events which has led to this recall including all details of my life, criminal background, and more. Thank you Ontario citizens for a chance to be heard in this recall.


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