Eva Castellanoz, Nyssa’s nationally recognized artist and healer, still at work in her eighties

Eva Castellanoz rubs the foot of a local woman with coconut oil. The woman works on a local factory line and came to see Castellanoz feeling depressed and tired. Castellanoz gave her a sobada, or healing massage. (The Enterprise/Liliana Frankel)

NYSSA – Since the 1980s, Nyssa folk artist and curandera Eva Castellanoz has been nationally recognized for her work creating coronas – flower crowns of paper and wax for events like quinceañeras and baptisms.

Her artistic production has slowed in recent years but, at 82, Castellanoz continues to her healing practice from a tiny room with a shelf full of herbs in the house she built with her father “a long, long time ago.”

Castellanoz was born in central Mexico to parents practiced in curanderismo, or faith healing. Her father was the first in the family to . . .