Judge keeps restraining order in place against Rodriguez

Councilor Freddy Rodriguez. (Liliana Frankel/The Enterprise)

ONTARIO – A state judge has determined that Ontario City Councilor Freddy Rodriguez was a continued threat to an ex-girlfriend, extending by a year her restraining order.

Malheur Circuit Judge Erin Landis ruled on Friday, May 21, that “a person in petitioner’s situation would reasonably fear further acts of abuse” by Rodriguez “if the restraining order is not renewed.”

The Enterprise doesn’t identify victims of domestic abuse.

Landis ruled after the woman sought to extend a restraining order issued last year that required Rodriguez to stay away from her.

In her new filing, the woman listed Rodriguez’s conduct towards her while they were dating, his history of domestic abuse and his erratic and belligerent behavior on Facebook and at city events.

The woman is “reasonably concerned that the Ontario police refuse to hold Alfredo Rodriguez accountable” and that Rodriguez “has talked about wanting his restraining order dropped specifically so he can obtain a firearm.”

In an email, Rodriguez told the Enterprise that he “absolutely” will contest the extension. He also opposed the original restraining order last year.

After a contentious hearing last year, a state judge ruled that Rodriguez was a credible threat to the woman and was to stay away from her for a year. The order is set to expire on Wednesday June 2.

While the default fine for violating the restraining order is $5,000, Landis specified that the fine be $50,000 for this case.

A second woman obtained a temporary restraining order against Rodriguez last year but a judge dismissed it after Rodriguez contested the order. In that hearing, Rodriguez depicted himself as the victim.

Rodriguez’s history of domestic abuse includes two charges from 2010 in Canyon County, Idaho, and an arrest in California in 2003 for what records show was a charge of battering involving a spouse.

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