Rodriguez ‘wholeheartedly’ apologizes for his treatment of former councilor

Councilor Freddy Rodriguez reads a prepared statement responding to an ongoing protest by former councilor Marty Justus during an Ontario City Council meeting. (The Enterprise/Liliana Frankel)

ONTARIO – Ontario City Councilor Freddy Rodriguez on Wednesday apologized for his persistent accusations that former Councilor Marty Justus was a child abuser.

“I allowed myself to cross a line and expose all of this in a very unprofessional manner in which I wholeheartedly from the bottom of my heart apologize for,” Rodriguez said in a statement he posted to his council Facebook page.

He apologized a day after the Enterprise published an investigative report that showed his public statements accusing Justus were unsubstantiated. 

The statement, while “wholehearted,” focused on how he had conveyed the accusations to the community.

He said he spoke out because he . . .