Development board slams Enterprise for ‘wrongful’ reporting

Grant Kitamura, general manager and part owner of the onion packing firm Baker & Murakami Produce Co., is president of the Malheur County Development Corp.

Greg Smith, director of the Malheur County Economic Development Department, issued this statement to the Enterprise on Friday, May 14.

The statement is in response to detailed questions sent to Smith regarding Treasure Valley Reload Center finances, including questions about missing documents and apparently conflicting public remarks.

The statement:

The Malheur County Development Corporation Board takes its fiduciary responsibilities very seriously. While we are aware of the Malheur Enterprise’s concerns, they simply are not valid. On January 18, 2021, a full and comprehensive financial audit was completed by Zwygart John & Associates CPAs, PLLC, and zero findings of concern were raised. Moreover, MCDC has a fiduciary process which ensures that not only are our board members aware of financial matters, but also our certified public accountant carefully and professionally reviews all transactions. Furthermore, ODOT evaluates and approves every invoice to ensure accuracy and alignment to the project.

It is unfortunate that those who are not more knowledgeable about this project would choose to speculate negatively when this major undertaking – the Treasure Valley Reload Center – is continuing to proceed forward. It is wrongful the Malheur Enterprise chooses not to portray the Treasure Valley Reload Center as an investment into Malheur County by the State, to support and bolster our agricultural community.

We would hope that you also acknowledge the Malheur County Development Corporation Board of Directors is comprised of:

Grant Kitamura, Co-Owner of Baker Murakami

Kay Riley, Snake River Produce Manager

Jason Pearson, Director of Onion Sales for Eagle Eye Produce       

Randi Svaty, Branch and Relationship Manager at Northwest Farm Credit Services

Corey Maag, Owner of Y1 Farms and Jamieson Produce

Greg Smith, Economic Development Director

The Honorable Lynn Findley, Oregon State Senator

We are also served by professional legal counsel and a certified public accounting firm.

Kay Riley, member of the board, Malheur County Development Corp., general manager, Snake River Produce in Nyssa.

Corey Maag, member of the board, Malheur County Development Corp., owner of Jamieson Produce.

Jason Pearson, member of the board, Malheur County Development Corp.; executive with Eagle Eye Produce in Nyssa.

State Sen. Lynn Findley (R-Vale) member of the board, Malheur County Development Corp.

Randi Svaty, board member, Malheur County Development Corp., branch manager of Northwest Farm Credit Services, member of Oregon Board of Agriculture, Vale-area farmer. Source: Oregon Department of Agriculture

Greg Smith, Malheur County’s economic development director, member of the board, Malheur County Development Corp. 

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