EDITORIAL: Melendrez deserves thanks for seeking decorum on Ontario City Council

Finally, a person with guts to stand for decency has emerged on the Ontario City Council. Councilor Eddie Melendrez, just five months into his term, deserves the applause and thanks of the people of Ontario, and indeed across Malheur County. He called out Councilor Freddy Rodriguez’s conduct last week – as his colleagues once again sat in silence.

The moment was brief at the city council meeting of Thursday, May 6. Rodriguez, continuing his habit of shameless behavior, put a handwritten sign over his council name tag. The sign was another taunt.

Melendrez acted.

“Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor,” he said, seeking the attention of Mayor Riley Hill as the mayor was about to move on to other council business. “I want to ask how we can go about maintaining decorum,” and he noted Rodriguez’s sign.

Rodriguez brought the . . .