OBITUARY: Kitty Strohmeyer

Kitty Strohmeyer

Born in Massachusetts, just after the second world war, Kitty was the oldest daughter of native New Englanders Ted and Millie. Teddy Jr., Kitty, Carol, Barbara, Karen, and Mike comprised the large family, which moved around a lot. While most of Kitty’s formative years were spent in Massachusetts, the family moved to Texas where Kitty attended Catholic primary school and enjoyed being a Campfire Girl. With both a New England and Southern flare, Kitty would later become an excellent cook, especially learning the talents of her maternal ‘Ma. Returning to Massachusetts for high school, Kitty met her best friend Dot and stayed close to home after graduation – but not for long.

Kitty married young, spent time living in Germany, and had her first son, Tory. Her next stage of life found her in Florida, where she birthed her . . .