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Classes to Career Profile: Tanner Steele’s ag dream takes root in Vale greenhouse

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Meet Tanner Steele, grade 11, Vale High School

Current VOC ED class: Horticulture

Why I decided to take the class: This year I made the decision to take the Vale AG Horticulture class offered at the high school. Like multiple other vocational education courses I’ve enrolled in in previous years, I decided to take this class for a variety of reasons. Growing up, I was always the little kid playing with toy animals and digging in the dirt outside. So naturally as I got to high school and given the chance to play in the dirt once more, I jumped on the opportunity.

What I like about the class: What I enjoy most about this class is getting a break from a typical classroom, and learning about careers that interest me. In horticulture we are able to participate in many hands-on activities, from fabricating a greenhouse table to transplanting and measuring pots. My instructor, Mrs. Chamberlain, balances our time between out in the greenhouse and in a desk so that it’s easy to stay engaged. Being able to read about something on paper and then experience it in person makes class exciting. I am also able to learn about possible future careers relating to plants and discover my interests.

What I’d like the community to know:  I’d like the community to know that taking CTE classes such as the one I’m in this year has definitely changed my high school experience for the better. I believe that enjoying what you’re doing enhances one’s learning, which is why these courses are so important. Finally, I’d like to encourage other current and upcoming high schoolers not to be afraid to try something new and get your hands a little dirty. 

My future dreams:  My dream is to graduate high school and go to college to study a degree in agriculture to hopefully aid me in pursuing a career in the agricultural

Note: This is part of a series introducing local students pursuing vocational training through Career Technical Education courses in Malheur County. Watch for more profiles from local schools in the Malheur Enterprise.industry.


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