Draper quits Ontario School Board ahead of censure vote; Evans also censured

Eric Evans, Ontario School Board member, was censured Tuesday, April 20, by the board for his conduct towards Superintendent Nikki Albisu. (The Enterprise/Rachel Parsons)

ONTARIO – The Ontario School Board Tuesday night condemned the conduct of two of its members, voting to do so after Derrick Draper, one of those facing censure, quit on the spot and walked out of the session.

The board said that Draper and board member Eric Evans violated board policies in their conduct toward Superintendent Nikki Albisu.

The board also agreed to join in mediation between board members and district administrators – a step it has rebuffed in the past.

Secrecy shrouded the process leading to the extraordinary board action against its own.

Board Chair Renae Corn said the board wouldn’t release the complaint against the board, filed . . .