Treasure Valley Community College instructor wins prestigious horsemanship competition

Wade Black won the colt-starting championship at the Road to the Horse event in Fort Worth, Texas in March. (Photo courtesy of Treasure Valley Community College).

ONTARIO – An instructor at Treasure Valley Community College recently clinched top honors at a prestigious horsemanship competition in Fort Worth Texas.

Wade Black, who directs the college’s Equine Science program and teaches horse production and horsemanship, claimed the colt-starting championships at the Road to the Horse competition late last month.

The win included a $75,000 payout for the local college teacher.

Black won the wild card division of the Road to the Horse in 2019 to earn a slot at the 2021 Road to the Horse event.

The Road to the Horse is a three-day colt-starting competition that began in 2003. Contestants have three days to start untrained 3-year-old geldings and vie for victory by negotiating a series of tasks – including an obstacle course – over three days.

“This prestigious win showcases the world-class caliber of equine instruction and training we offer at TVCC,” said Dana Young, TVCC president.


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