Police probe of Ontario recording ends, finds no crime

Ontario School Board members, from left, Eric Evans, Bianca Rodriguez, Derrick Draper and Renae Corn. (The Enterprise/file)

ONTARIO – The mystery of who secretly recorded an Ontario High School staff meeting earlier this year remains unsolved despite a police investigation, according to a report obtained by the Enterprise.

The investigation by the Nyssa Police Department was stymied in part because the Ontario School Board member who obtained the recording refused to cooperate with police, the record shows. The board member, Derrick Draper, said he had to consult his attorney before an interview and subsequently declined. He didn’t respond to written questions then submitted to him.

The tape hubbub came to the fore when Draper referred to the recording during a Jan. 22 school board meeting.

Jodi Elizondo, Ontario High School principal, subsequently complained to . . .