SURVEY: ‘This kind of drama does not lend itself to inspiring trust’

Here is a sampling of comments provided by those responding to the Enterprise survey regarding Councilor Freddy Rodriguez. More than 200 people commented.


*Freddy Rodriguez is an embarrassment to our city. He makes the mayor, other city councilmen, and members of our community look like idiots for not taking action. NO ONE with unresolved violence issues should represent the city of Ontario. And NO ONE should ever be allowed to make vulgar and untrue claims against any other person without evidence. The comment made about Marty Justus deserves to be addressed in a court of law.

*I believe he has a strong desire to help improve the city of Ontario but his and the entire city councils’ professionalism is questionable or lacking completely.

*Counselor Rodriguez does not embody the qualities needed of a servant of this city, much less serve as president. (What on earth were they thinking when they made him president?!). Volatile. Vulgar. Disrespectful. 

*I believe that his behavior no matter what is a poor reflect on Ontario and he should not be allowed to continue in his position. When in public office, whether fair or not, the standards should be held higher to be a good example to those that the person is serving.

*Representatives at all levels MUST be held to a higher standard. Unfortunately for many of us, Mr. Rodriguez does not meet that standard. 

*A city representative should have good moral standards also. He must not be allowed to hold any position that gives him power over people. He is unable to properly manage himself in relationships.

*This type of fellow will go through life absolutely certain that the problem lies with everyone else when the problem is really him. He has no business in any sort of leadership position civic or otherwise.

*Voters need to vote him out since he is an elected official, but he should step down from leadership to allow the city council work without so much controversy.

*Rodriquez’ legal issues should be resolved by the court and his continued service on the council should be decided by the people of Ontario either by recall or at the next election. He should be censored by the council for his statements about a former city councilman.


*The ongoing problems with this person’s behavior and defensive attitude is appalling. The council would be better served by someone who can lead by example. Mr. Rodriguez needs to bow out and re-evaluate his life choices.

*I’m all about innocent until proven guilty. I feel like Freddy needs to step down due to constant mistakes in how he communicates with the public. He can’t effectively do his job as a councilman anymore. There is touch distrust, whether he is guilty or not.

*The public elects him to perform specific duties and follow the laws to advance the City of Ontario. He is not capable at this point of performing those duties, regardless of whether the numerous assertions against him are true or not. Respecting his elected position and his duty to serve the citizens of Ontario, his best option is to resign.

*So many important things need to be addressed by the city. This is has become an unnecessary distraction. Wish he could see that and step down. If he truly wants to be a public servant, he needs to find a different venue.

*Any city official that has charges or protection orders that are valid should step down from any position. Our officials need to set an example of what an upstanding member of our community should be. By allowing him to stay in, it shows that our city condones this type of behavior.

*This is an embarrassment to Ontario city government and he needs to step down.


*The judge threw out the charges against him. Leave him alone!

*F. Rodriquez should not be tried in the press. 

*I feel like the accusations should be looked into before further action is taken. People are so quick to condemn people on hearsay anymore, convicting people in the court of public opinion before all the facts are even established.

*If there is court action the justice system should do its part. I feel people forget it is innocent until proven guilty. I wish the personal matters were set aside and the work that needs done should take priority.

*His personal life, especially what happened 12 years ago, which he took the classes for, have no bearing on his position. The charges in California date back many more years. He’s done a good job as a city councilman.


*The City of Ontario needs to focus on real problems and solutions to improve the community, and the whole situation with Freddy is taking focus away from the important job the city council has and their commitment to improve Ontario.

*This kind of drama does not lend itself to inspiring trust and respect for the city government (and not just councilor’s conduct, but the mayor’s as well).

*It’s disappointing as a young, female professional who is new to Ontario, to see the lack of concern and action in regards to this councilman. It would appear that the council cares more about their “good ol boys” club than the safety of women in their community.

*The entire city council needs to be replaced with more professional, experienced and nonbiased people. The mayor also needs to step down and be replaced because he is not serving the community properly as an elected official.

*The mayor and council have shown lack of leadership in this matter and calls in to question their ability to lead the community.

*I am hesitant to join any committees after seeing this complete fiasco. Freddy is a true liability and the city should be doing everything they can to protect Ontario from a lawsuit or further injury to citizens.

*Our city council has shown a remarkable lack of leadership in many areas. This is just one of the most spotlighted.

*City Hall has lost all integrity. Where are the men, it is being run by boys. It is literally the ‘good old boys“ club. Thank god these brave citizens have pulled the curtain back on the unethical men sitting on the dais. I hope the voters never forget what they are witnessing, it’s not often you see a corrupt power structure so blatantly.

*City Council should err on the side of caution until they can meet, review petitions, discuss what the citizens need and remove him at least temporarily, until all sides are given equal consideration. They remove teachers while investigating. Why not him?

*He publicly says someone is a pedophile with NO proof . For me that was the last straw, that is a serious accusation that can destroy a person and to willy-nilly say those things at a council meeting was beyond over the line for me. And shame on everyone there for not calling him out on that one.

*The council is correct in not allowing the emotional climate divert them from following the policies for treating the council members.

*Rodriguez is a disgrace to our town. The mayor and the rest of the city council are as well; they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this situation to progress as far as it has. 

*He is an absolute black eye on the city. The city council and city manager have always had a reputation of not standing up and saying what is right or doing what is right. They sit on their hands and look away. No wonder the city employees and citizens don’t respect most of them. It seems Ontario is cursed to have leadership that only thinks about themselves, their buddies and not the actual public.

*It was wrong of the city council members to allow slander again private citizens in public meetings.

*As a woman who has been abused I don’t know if I’m more disgusted with Ontario city government or Mr. Rodriguez.

*Allowing one council member to publicly slander a private citizen is the wrong thing to do. The other council members who did not immediately object or ask that to be removed from the record should feel shame – many of them worked with the citizen involved.

*Ontario is becoming a very unpleasant place to live. Acrimonious behavior seems to be the norm for our town government, school district and other organizations. Leadership is not about power, but service to the community.

*This should not have been allowed to go on as long as it has. City officials should be held to a high standard of morality and be a good role model to the community.


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