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Railroad opts to close Nyssa crossing, disrupting long-standing farm operation

Robin Froerer, co-owner of Owyhee Produce, a local onion firm, said she spent the last year trying to find a solution to a railroad crossing dilemma that potentially limits access to her family's prime farm ground. (The Enterprise/Pat Caldwell)

NYSSA – Onion producer Robin Froerer says she’s been getting the runaround.

Malheur County officials for a year have promised to help her operation deal with the impending closure of a key railroad crossing, she said. The closure could disrupt one of the county’s largest farming operations.

The Froerers are concerned with the Gem Avenue rail crossing of the Union Pacific Railroad line about two miles north of Nyssa. They have used the crossing since the early 1990s through a rental agreement with Union Pacific to haul onions and other commodities from their property . . .