Second effort to recall Rodriguez kicks off in Ontario

Ontario City Council President Freddy Rodriguez at a March 4 meeting. (Liliana Frankel/The Enterprise)

3/10: This post was updated with comments from Cydney Cooke.

ONTARIO – An Ontario woman Tuesday filed a petition to recall Ontario City Council President Freddy Rodriguez.

Cydney Cooke, who ran for city council in 2018 but did not win a seat, gave several reasons for the petition, including: Rodriguez’s two active restraining orders for domestic violence, his behavior on social media, and his behavior in a March 4 City Council meeting.

Cooke also indicated her suspicion that Rodriguez had violated a city ordinance regarding council interference with administrative services, referring to a social media post Rodriguez made about his communication with Police Chief Steven Romero. 

“That one rule is the only rule in the charter . . .