IN OREGON: Brewer bullish on beer prospects in Baker City

Kevin Multop watches over his latest batch of homebrewed beer in the renovated garage behind his Baker City home. Multop plans to open his North Seven Brewing Co. this spring. (Jayson Jacoby/Baker City Herald)

Kevin Multop is standing in the garage behind his Baker City home, peering into a cauldron in which an aromatic liquid is bubbling.

The odor is rich and a bit sweet.


But even if you didn’t recognize the scent you would need the briefest of glances at the garage’s fiberboard walls to offer a confident guess at what Multop is up to on this snowy February morning.

There is a poster-size photo of Multop and his wife, Jessica, each clutching a one-liter mug at a Munich beer garden.

On the opposite . . .