Oregon legislation to ease Measure 11 draws concern from Malheur DA

Malheur County District Attorney Dave Goldthorpe (left) chats with his chief deputy, Brendon Alexander, in Vale. Goldthorpe believes any changes to Measure 11 will make communities less safe. (The Enterprise/Pat Caldwell)

VALE – Malheur County District Attorney Dave Goldthorpe believes a change to Oregon’s Measure 11 minimum sentencing law is a bad idea.

So, does the Oregon District Attorneys Association. 

But a new bill sponsored by the Senate Judiciary Committee would modify the law that state voters approved in 1994.

The law establishes mandatory minimum sentences for a host of violent crimes such as murder, rape, conspiracy to commit murder and sodomy.

Under the law, an inmate convicted of a Measure 11 crime cannot be released early for good behavior or paroled short of their full sentence.

Senate Bill . . .