State inmates at Ontario prison to be vaccinated quicker following judge’s order

Snake River Correctional Institution. (Kezia Setyawan/The Enterprise)

UPDATE: This story was updated Wednesday afternoon with a quote from Colette Peters.

Inmates at Ontario’s state prison will get in line for Covid vaccinations at the same time as teachers under a federal court order issued Tuesday by U.S. Magistrate Judge Stacie Beckerman.

Beckerman found that state prison officials had acted with “deliberate indifference” in deciding not to promptly vaccinate all inmates and ordered they be moved up in the state’s order of distribution for what is currently a limited supply of vaccine. Nearly 3,000 inmates are at Snake River Correctional Institution, the state’s largest prison.

The court ordered Oregon to begin offering Covid vaccines to the state’s 12,073 inmates after it found that withholding them constituted . . .