OBITUARY: Jerry Hugh Kelleher

Jerry Hugh Kelleher

March 1942 – January 2021

Jerry H. Kelleher, 78, of Ontario, passed away at home surrounded by his family after a long illness.

Jerry was one of five children born to Kathleen and Jerry R. Kelleher at home in Niehart, Montana, in 1942.

Jerry had two older sisters and an older brother who passed away as an infant a year prior to Jerry’s birth. He was followed several years later by the birth of a little sister.

Jerry spent the first part of his youth in Maupin, Oregon, and later moved to a small farm in Deer Island, Oregon. There the family milked and sold cream, feeding the skim milk to the pigs. The family did a small-time timber operation with horses. Jerry Sr. worked out and Kathleen . . .