Decision by state commission clears the way for construction of Malheur County rail facility

An effort to build a rail reload center north of Nyssa reached a turning point Jan. 21 when a state panel approved plans to release funds for construction of the facility. (Malheur Enterprise/Kezia Setyawan).

NYSSA – Larry Wilson said his email began to “light up” late Thursday afternoon.

The sudden flood of congratulatory emails arrived not long after the Oregon Transportation Commission approved the release of construction money for the Treasure Valley Reload Center.

“You can’t even believe how relieved I was,” said Wilson.

Wilson, a former Malheur County commissioner who lost an election bid for a third term in November, has been a crucial supporter of the rail center.

For nearly four years county officials worked to get the project off the ground, starting with a promise of $26 million in . . .