Small town politics delivers lessons, insights for Nyssa mayor

Nyssa Mayor Betty Holcomb looks over a zoning map with city manager Jim Maret last week. Holcomb was elected mayor by the city council recently. (The Enterprise/Pat Caldwell)

NYSSA – One of Nyssa Mayor Betty Holcomb’s most poignant lessons in small town politics involved a turkey.

A local resident kept a pet turkey at her house but city code prohibited the bird and city officials told the woman the turkey had to go.

Holcomb said the woman wanted to change the rules and sought to address her grievance with the Nyssa City Council.

Paying attention to such small-town matters is important to Holcomb, who was recently selected by other councilors to serve as Nyssa mayor.

The turkey issue came up a year or more ago. The woman appeared at a city . . .