Covid outbreak strikes Malheur County Jail

The Malheur County Jail weathered a Covid outbreak earlier this month. More than 20 people - inmates and employees - were hit by the infection. (The Enterprise/File).

VALE – For nearly a year the Malheur County Jail proved to be an exception to the rule that Covid can infiltrate correctional facilities and create mayhem.

The facility dealt with occasional cases but it escaped the outbreak conditions seen at other, larger correctional facilities across the state.

Earlier this month, though, the jail’s luck ran out.

Between Jan. 4 and Jan. 7, the jail recorded 21 Covid cases that included employees and inmates. Overall, from the beginning of January through Monday, 25 people – 17 inmates and eight sheriff’s office employees – were infected, said Travis Johnson, Malheur County undersheriff.

No one died or was hospitalized from . . .