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Malheur County needs $15 million for its industrial park. A two-year effort to get it flopped.

Farmland on the north edge of Nyssa is owned by the public now, but Malheur County says it needs $15 million more to turn it into an industrial park. The funding already is locked in for the Treasure Valley Reload Center. (The Enterprise/file)

Malheur County’s hunt for money to turn farmland into an industrial mecca outside of Nyssa so far has failed.

With enough federal cash, Malheur County envisioned one industrial firm after another moving to the Malheur County Industrial Park, next to the planned rail shipping center.

For a historically poor county, the park was pitched as a place where 300 jobs would one day appear. Those wage earners in turn would pump money into the county economy, a surge unlike any in recent years.

But in September, federal officials turned down . . .