COLUMN: Return to Jarbidge Wilderness offers the ultimate in social distancing

Susan and Lee Barton take a break during a hike, with the Jarbidge Range behind them. (Submitted photo)

As we sat outside enjoying the view and the stillness, I asked my husband, Lee, “How do we describe this to people?” – to which he replied, “It’s so quiet you can hear the deer talk.”

We had been watching three pair of deer (does and fawns) as they grazed near the aspen/conifer forest about 200 yards away and, yes, we could hear them talking!

In July, we returned to Northern Nevada for a second three-month tour of duty at a U.S. Forest Service Administration Site. Our first tour was in 2017, following the winter of “snomageddon.” The winter of 2019-20 was much drier and we saw the effects of the drought conditions in both . . .