VOTING VITALS: Updated count on ballot returns in Malheur County and key voting information

The Malheur Enterprise provides this daily feature to provide up-to-date election information.

Here you can get a quick look at how the 2020 general election is going, with daily updates on ballot return information from Malheur County Clerk Gayle Trotter, details on past voting and a collection of stories from the news team at the Enterprise on this year’s election.

 BY THE NUMBERS – BALLOT RETURNS SO FAR (as of Tuesday, Oct. 27):

Malheur County – 7,251  ballots verified (42.8% of registered voters) Same period in 2016: 4,827 (33.75% of registered voters)

Oregon – 1,371,194 ballots verified (46.5% of registered voters)

2016 voter turnout:

Oregon: 2,051,448 votes (80.3% turnout)

Malheur County: 10,606 votes (74.9% turnout)

2016 presidential results:


Trump (R): 782,403 votes/39.09%

Clinton (D): 1,002,106 votes/50.07%

Stein (Green): 50,002/2.50%

Johnson (Libertarian): 94,231/4.71%

Malheur County

Trump (R): 7,194 votes/68.94%

Clinton (D): 2,246 votes/21.52%

Stein (Green): 177/1.69%

Johnson (Libertarian): 427/4.09%

NOTE: Do not mail your ballot at this point. U.S. Postal Service officials warn it likely wouldn’t be delivered in time. Instead, deposit your ballot envelope in one of the secure ballot drop boxes around the county.


All ballot boxes will be accessible until 8 p.m. on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Vale: Malheur County Court, the corner of B Street and Bryant Street.

Ontario: Ontario Community Library, 388 S.W. 2nd Ave.

Nyssa: Nyssa City Library, 319 Main St.

Jordan Valley: On Yturri Boulevard across from the post office.


*Fill out both sides of your ballot. You don’t have to vote in every race, but make sure you’re not overlooking the back of the ballot – or returning a blank ballot.

*Don’t forget to sign your ballot envelope on the marked line. 

*Double-check you’re signing your envelope, not a spouse’s or roommate’s.

*Don’t return your ballot late. After Oct. 27, ballots should not be mailed. Use a drop box.

*Don’t ignore mail from the county clerk’s office. If you get a letter or postcard after the election, it’s likely because there was a problem with your signature which you can fix.

 TRACK YOUR BALLOT: See when it’s received, processed

MyVote for all Oregon voters

VOTING QUESTIONS: Malheur County County Clerk’s Office – (541) 473-5151


ELECTION 2020: Ballots take long road from the county clerk’s office to the kitchen table and back again

The journey of a mail-in ballot begins in central Oregon, crosses Malheur County and goes into Idaho before it arrives in the local mail box. The system proved to be flexible and reliable since Oregon adopted vote-by-mail.

ELECTION 2020: Ontario’s Bentz takes nothing for granted in Congressional race

Ontario attorney Cliff Bentz, former state legislator for the region, has far outpaced his opponent, Democrat Alex Spenser, in the quest for campaign funds. He’s still hitting the campaign trail hard, and connecting with supporters.

Filings show PACs put their bucks into legislative incumbents in Malheur County

ELECTION 2020: Oregon spending reports show that political action committees are putting big bucks into the campaigns of state Sen. Lynn Findley and Rep. Mark Owens, incumbents in districts that include Malheur County. Meanwhile challengers Beth Spell and Carina Miller rely on smaller individual contributions to fuel their campaigns. 

Ballots go out to record voter tally in Malheur County

ELECTION 2020: Local officials are predicting a record turnout for the Nov. 3 election, as Malheur County voters help elect a president and also decide key local races for county commissioner and sheriff.


ELECTION 2020: McLaughlin, Vialpando face off in Vale mayor’s race

Mike McLaughlin, the incumbent, touts his experience while challenger Tom Vialpando said he believe his ability for build relationships and create consensus will help the city. 

ELECTION 2020: Officials say Pioneer Place levy needed to confront financial woes

Local care facility wants voter assistance to stabilize its long-term financial outlook as its operating costs continue to climb.

ELECTION 2020: Walker faces incumbent sheriff on November ballot in Malheur County

ELECTION 2020: Casey Walker, on the November ballot as a candidate for Malheur County sheriff, talked about the job early this year, but he didn’t respond to recent interview requests about his campaign.

ELECTION 2020: Wolfe cites experience in race for re-election as Malheur sheriff

Malheur County Sheriff Brian Wolfe presents voters with a conservative approach to budget and politics as he stresses his years of law enforcement experience in his run for re-election.

VOTE 2020: Jacobs, Shock deliver views on their platform for county commission slot

Republican Ron Jacobs and Democratic Byron Shock are vying on the November ballot to replace Malheur County Commissioner Larry Wilson. Both men answered questions from the Enterprise last week on what they believe are the key issues for the county.

City council candidates are off and running in Malheur County

City council candidates are competing for votes to decide how Vale, Nyssa and Ontario work. They will direct economic policy, decide public works and be stewards of your tax dollars. Meet them here.


ELECCIÓN 2020: Las boletas toman un largo camino desde la oficina del secretario del condado hasta la mesa de la cocina y viceversa

El viaje de una boleta electoral por correo comienza en el centro de Oregon, cruza el condado de Malheur y entra en Idaho antes de llegar al buzón de correo local. El sistema demostró ser flexible y confiable desde que Oregon adoptó el voto por correo.

ELECCIÓN 2020: Wolfe se apoya en su experiencia en su campaña por la reelección como sheriff de Malheur

El alguacil del condado de Malheur, Brian Wolfe, presenta a los votantes un enfoque conservador en el presupuesto y la política mientras destaca sus años de experiencia policial en su campaña por la reelección.

ELECCIÓN 2020: Walker se enfrenta al sheriff titular en la boleta electoral de noviembre en el condado de Malheur

Casey Walker, en la boleta electoral de noviembre como candidato a alguacil del condado de Malheur, habló sobre el trabajo a principios de este año, pero no respondió a solicitudes de entrevistas recientes sobre su campaña.

Las boletas se envían a un récord numero de votantes en el condado de Malheur

ELECCIÓN 2020: Los funcionarios locales predicen una participación récord para las elecciones del 3 de noviembre, ya que los votantes del condado de Malheur ayudarán a elegir a un presidente y también a decidir las contiendas locales claves para el comisionado y el sheriff del condado.

Estos errores comunes que cometen los votantes pueden hacer que su boleta sea rechazada  

Los votantes deben seguir las instrucciones escritas en el sobre de la boleta y recordar que si tienen preguntas deben comunicarse con la oficina del secretario.

ELECCIÓN 2020:Jacobs y Shock hablan sobre su plataforma para el puesto de la comisión del condado

El republicano Ron Jacobs y el demócrata Byron Shock están compitiendo en la boleta electoral de noviembre para reemplazar al comisionado del condado de Malheur, Larry Wilson. Ambos hombres respondieron preguntas del Enterprise la semana pasada sobre lo que creen que son los temas claves para el condado.

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