Effort to recall Freddy Rodriguez, Ontario city councilor, fizzles out

Ontario Councilor Freddy Rodriguez speaks at the Black Lives Matter rally at Ontario City Hall on June 4. (Rachel Parsons/The Enterprise)

ONTARIO – Petitioners have abandoned their effort to force a city vote to recall Ontario City Councilor Freddy Rodriguez, saying they couldn’t gather the necessary signatures.

Petitioner Vernon Denison, a retired truck driver from Ontario, launched the recall effort in August. He had until Monday, Oct. 26, to submit 493 signatures of registered voters – 15% of the number of city voters who voted in the last gubernatorial race. That would have forced a special election to decide whether to remove Rodriguez from office.

Erin Maloney-Denison, the petitioner’s wife who worked with him on the recall effort, said that the pandemic and wildfires disrupted the effort to gather signatures.

“We just weren . . .