OPINION: Malheur County, let’s unite to get behind kids and get them back in school

The Nyssa High School marching band entertained throughout the game at Nyssa on Sept. 20, 2019.

The most important project for Malheur County is getting kids back into the classroom. Doing so requires people to act beyond bellyaching and finger pointing. The focus now should be: What can I do to help the county’s children?

In Nyssa and Adrian, school started up last week – but from a distance. The same is happening this week for students and teachers in Vale and Ontario. A couple of small, remote districts such as Jordan Valley got special permission to put kids back behind desks in a classroom.

The cost of distance learning on children is substantial. They don’t learn as well. That’s true no matter how mightily teachers adjust and parents help. They don’t mature as . . .