Nyssa students go to class, at home

Nyssa High School science teacher Ken Dickey shows the nine-week packet he sent home to students in his classroom Aug. 29. (Aidan McGloin/The Enterprise)

NYSSA - Nyssa schools are one of the first local schools to teach virtually this school year after a state mandate restricting in-person school. With better planning and more experience, Nyssa educators say it’s much improved from last year, but the results are hard to determine so early on.

“We knew this was an option, it wasn’t sprung on you. That mental preparation was the biggest change,” said Luke Cleaver, Nyssa Middle School principal.

Students returned to class, though remotely, on Wednesday, Aug. 26.

Cleaver said there were still some issues they are working out. They will be ordering more WiFi hotspots, since some of the hotspots . . .