Love of politics, desire to spark change drives local teacher to particpate in 2020 Democratic National Convention

Malheur County resident Raina Studer attended the 2020 Democratic National Convention as a delegate for Bernie Sanders. (Submitted photo).

VALE – Sometimes the question arrivers out of nowhere for Raina Studer.

“Are you really a Democrat?”

The question is answered in a bit of wonder because of Malheur County’s generally conservative politics.

Studer, though, is indeed a registered Democrat.

“Everyone has been fairly nice about it,” said Studer. “I enjoy talking to people about politics and while many in the community might find me being a Democrat different from their views on face value, when we start talking about the issues we find there is a lot to agree on.”

Studer likes politics and she parlayed her support for Democratic candidates into serving as a delegate for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders . . .