A calf wandering alone in Malheur County wildfire gets rescue and a ride

Incident Fire Operations trainee Russell Hamilton of Spokane and the Vale-based Snake River Valley Crew 7 returned a missing calf found on the western end of the Indian Creek Fire, outside of Juntura, to its mother on Sunday. (BLM photo)

JUNTURA - In the midst of fighting Oregon's largest wildfires, firefighters over the weekend helped save a 4-day-old calf separated from its mother during an evacuation move.

Rancher Jeff Romans last Friday moved a herd of around 55 cattle out of harm's way as the Indian Creek Fire east of Juntura burned out of control. His family has ranched in the area since the 1950s and he's been on the ground for eight years.

When he brought the herd down , he expected the calf to follow her mother down the hill, but . . .