Firefighters make progress on Indian Creek Fire, Oregon’s largest wildfire

Russell Hamilton, a BLM incident fire operations trainee from Spokane, and a firefighting crew recovered a calf missing on burning rangeland after a local rancher's herd was evacuated last week. The rancher alerted fire crews on the Indian Creek Fire, northeast of Juntura, that he was one head short. (BLM photo)

VALE—The Indian Creek Fire burning about nine miles east of Juntura is now 47,657 acres and 28% contained, according to a Tuesday update from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

The fire, human caused, started Aug. 16, along U.S. Highway 20, and is primarily burning sagebrush, juniper and grass.

“We had a really good day [Monday],” Operations Chief Brent Meisinger said in an update. “We’ll keep on deepening our lines over the next several days.” 

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