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SOLUTIONS: As Malheur County struggles with pandemic, other rural counties provide clues to control

Bear Lake Memorial Hospital in Montpelier, Idaho, serves an Idaho county that has recorded only 15 cases of Covid. The county is situated in southeast Idaho. (Bear Lake County News-Examiner photo)

[ EDITOR'S NOTE: This project was produced in partnership with the Solutions Journalism Network as part of the Enterprise's effort to take a fresh approach to reporting community issues. ]

ONTARIO – Rural, secluded counties in Oregon and Idaho appear to be able to evade the latest wave of Covid infections even as cases of the malady continue to mount in Malheur County.

Two Oregon counties depressed the spread of Covid so well that Gov. Kate Brown recently removed them from the state watchlist of counties where the virus is out of control.

Meantime, Malheur County continues to report new . . .