We survived Covid: Ontario principal and police officer share their month of sickness

Jodi Elizondo recovered from coronavirus and she says it's nothing like the flu. (Kezia Setyawan/The Enterprise)

Tomas and Jodi Elizondo had Covid.

Tomas was one of four officers in the Ontario Police Department who fell sick at the end of June.

“We’re in the public so much, it’s just so hard to say where we got it,” he said. He was wearing a mask on patrol, using hand sanitizer, and “doing everything we’re supposed to be doing,” said Tomas.

But on June 29, he felt feverish, even though he wasn’t breaking a fever.

He had a dry cough, which persisted for three days.

The next day, he got tested, and his temperature went to 101.4.

Jodi, the Ontario High School principal, began feeling a . . .