Saint Alphonsus sees big increase in requests for Covid tests

Saint Alphonsus Health Systems and its Ontario medical center are seeing an increasing number of patients needing care for Covid.

Steve Nemerson, chief medical officer for Saint Alphonsus, shared with the Enterprise what the hospital system is experiencing.

The takeaways:

POSITIVES IN PATIENTS: In May, 69 of Saint Alphonsus’ Ontario emergency department patients tested positive for Covid. In June: 103. The first 16 days of July: 154. These are patients who have the disease, but aren’t necessarily being treated for it.

TESTING SURGES: Testing demand at the Ontario Saint Alphonsus lab has increased by 500% over the last month.

EMPLOYEES SICK: 123 employees across Saint Alphonsus’ hospitals are out of work in self-quarantine. A month ago, the total was 25.

At the beginning of July, three patients were hospitalized for treatment of Covid . . .