Ontario School Board chair resigns over report secrecy

Ontario School Board members (from left) Mike Blackaby, Eric Evans, Blanca Rodriguez, Derrick Draper and Renae Corn. (The Enterprise/File)

ONTARIO - Mike Blackaby, an Ontario insurance man and longtime community volunteer, resigned from the Ontario School Board on Monday, July 20, one month before school resumes.

The resignation of the board chairman followed a contentious closed meeting where the school board informally split 2-2 not to share with the public a report into board member misconduct. One board member, Eric Evans, who was a target of misconduct complaints last year, recused himself from the matter. He remained in the meeting although he has previously threatened to sue the school district over the earlier allegations.

The board met in an executive session where the public isn’t allowed.

Blackaby said in a statement Tuesday that . . .