Mandate masks: Saint Alphonsus, St. Luke’s hospital systems warn of Covid overflow

Idaho health care executives are asking for a state mandate requiring people to wear masks to stop the increase of Covid-related hospital admissions before they become overwhelmed.

“If we do not reverse this trend, we are headed for a crisis,” said Chris Roth, St. Luke’s Health System president and CEO.

Roth appeared in https://vimeo.com/438316705/aa4e616ce4an unusual joint news conference with other health executives to plead their case that the pandemic is worsening fast in the Treasure Valley. That included represents of the Saint Alphonsus system, which operates the hospital in Ontario as part of its Treasure Valley network.

The executives spoke in unison about their concerns and asked individuals and government agencies to act immediately.

Roth said the medical experts wanted the communities to be “more vigilant” about wearing face coverings, social distancing and . . .