Black Lives Matter Ontario works with city on ensuring ethnically representative directional signs

Black Lives Matter Ontario board member Raquel Sandoval-Gonzalez says while she now lives in Seattle, she is organizing in Ontario because she was born and raised in the town. (The Enterprise/Kezia Setyawan)

ONTARIO - Black Lives Matter Ontario is working with the city on its directional signs to ensure they accurately represent the ethnic groups that make up Ontario.

BLM Ontario members first heard discussion of the city’s ongoing wayfinding system project, which is the decorative signs that guide people throughout a city, including representation of different ethnic groups in Ontario when one of its board of directors, Jennifer Yano, sat in on one of Ontario’s Diversity Advisory Committee meetings. Raquel Sandoval-Gonzalez, who is on the BLM Ontario board, said that her group’s members then brought up their concerns that the groups weren’t . . .